At Alive Outside we are passionate about event management. We are uniquely positioned to assist clients with hosting top class events.  We can help you with a specific area of your event or with everything to do with your event, including:

  • Business Plan
  • Insurance
  • Logistics and Operations e.g.
  • Full Event Management Plan
  • Traffic Management Plan
  • Registration
  • Changing Rooms
  • Catering
  • Marshals





Financial planning is a key competent of the business development services we provide to clients. The management consultants and accountants on our team can work with clients to create a robust bespoke business plan for your needs.

Our team have worked in conjunction with organisations such as Enterprise Ireland, Invest NI, and a host of Local Enterprise Offices to provide these services to clients. We have also assisted sporting organisations such as Disability Sport NI, Cerebral Palsy Sport Ireland and a rage of GAA County boards to develop their respective business strategies We offer the following range of financial services:

  • Sponsorship Management and Contracts
  • Financial Planning
  • Capital and Operational Funding
  • Grant Applications
  • Sports Capital Funding
  • Arts and Heritage



Our Consultancy division is acutely aware of the role of grant support for projects within the voluntary, community and commercial sectors. Our consultants work with clients at the initial project research stage and the subsequent building a case for support and operational, stages. Our experience has illustrated that grant financing can often make the difference between an idea and a project realisation.Alive Outside’s Consultancy division offers the following grant support services:

  • Identification of national and international level grants
  • Grant preparation
  • Funding feasibility studies
  • Grant application process
  • Supporting business and financial documentation for grants
  • Interview and presentations to grant boards
  • Assistance in grant monitoring responsibilities

Working in conjunction with a diverse range of clients including sporting organisation, sports clubs, limited companies and private individuals, our funding team has secured over €1,000,000 in funding over the past 10 years from statutory entities such as:

  • Sport NI
  • LEOs
  • Enterprise Ireland
  • Sports Capital / Lottery Funding
  • Swimming Pool Capital Investment Programme
  • Leader Programme
  • Leader Tourism Programme
  • Failte Ireland Capital and Marketing
  • Department of Marine
  • ERDF
  • European Social Fund



Our Team have successfully worked with Organisations to assist with major fundraising appeals. We offer an all-encompassing service from initial feasibility study, though to drawing up a case for support, campaign logistics (banking etc)

  • Revenue fundraising: fundraising consultancy to maximise your fundraising potential from all revenue streams.
  • Our revenue fundraising team has helped hundreds of organisations to generate capital and revenue funding from a wide range of sources. The team provides a comprehensive service from mentoring and advice to "hands on" fundraising.
  • Alive Outside can offer practical solutions to your current fundraising needs, leading to your next successes. Our expertise encompasses trusts, statutory funders, lottery distributors, companies, major donors, donor development and recruitment programmes, legacies and community fundraising.
  • Fundraising review: A fundraising review with Action Planning can provide a valuable "health check" for some or all of your fundraising income streams.
  • Fundraising strategy: A strategy takes account of your fundraising environment and ensures that you have focused and planned activities that deliver the best return on your investment. We can help you review and update your current strategy, or prepare a new strategy suited to your current needs.
  • Capital appeals: Alive Outside have the skills and expertise for fundraising consultancy, feasibility studies, full appeal management and implementation.
  • Planning and preparation are the keys to success when running a capital appeal and the capital appeals team at Alive Outside helps clients to follow a proven route. Drawing upon years of fundraising experience with a wide range of organisations, and making use of extensive in-house resources including research and bid-writing teams, we provide a range of services which span the whole capital appeal process. Alive Outside will support with the implementation of your appeal, which is tailored to your needs. We can undertake individual elements within the appeal such as Appeal Committee management, major donor development, bid-writing or research to assist in the delivery the strategy and fully implement the appeal.



At Alive Outside, we connect sport and the public sector. By providing services to the public sector and to national and international sports organisations, on one hand we provide services that are fundamental to sport in any city, region or country, which includes helping to optimise the investment in sport from areas like participation to events. On the other, we help sport organisations improve their services in order to be more successful at what they do.

We work with local, regional and national governments to effectively utilise sport to achieve their economic, social and marketing objectives. We provide insights into all aspects of sport strategy development and event hosting & bidding.

We also help leaders and administrators in the world of sport to improve their organisational performance, event hosting strategy and outreach to host cities. We work with sport organisations to achieve their goals and become more successful.

Our team believes in the power of sport; we are fully committed to developing the potential and furthering the relationship between these two groups. Our unparalleled connection to the international sports world and expertise in sport adds value to all our client assignments.




Our team understand that sport and recreation can provide an excellent learning platform. Therefore, we have developed and delivered a range of training programmes using sport and recreation throughout the country. Most recently or team have developed a suite of programmes to assist job seekers, using sport as the conduit to deliver a range of vital skills.

These courses were delivered nationwide under the auspices of Skillsnet and Momentum. Our skilled trainers can offer assistance in the following areas:

  • Approved sports courses (delivered in conjunction with the awarding body such as GAA, FAI etc)
  • Customer service
  • Health and Safety
  • Recruitment & interviewing
  • Team performance enhancement
  • Customer service quality.
  • Management development



We offer assistance in the following operational services:

  • Customer service audits
  • User surveys
  • Operational audits
  • Health & safety audits
  • Management and staff training
  • Recruitment and interviewing
  • Facility Management
  • Property Management