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Corporate Packages.

Choose your adventure:

Survival Package
3 men taking part in the corporate Survival Package, strategising their approach before taking on the challenge.

Survival Package


Choose any three of these one-hour activities:



Work together to get through obstacles from both HELL & BACK and the 'Ireland’s Fittest Family TV' show, including Hell on Earth, Tyre Zone, Pipes of Pain and finishing on the world-renowned Halfpipe Ramp for a unique team photograph!



Calling all hunter-gatherers...skill and precision required – only bullseyes are allowed here! Put your team to the test and see which “Hawkeye” comes out on top!



Fun team-building games where communication skills and teamwork are essential, including Walking Skis, Tangrams, Tug of War, Stretcher Run and Gutterball – after this challenge, let’s see who the real boss is!



Firestarter? Bear Grylls? MacGyver? You’ll need elements of each to survive!



Don your combat overalls and face off against your opponent in a series of high-tech laser games, where you must infiltrate your enemy’s defensive line in a custom-built outdoor setting with numerous shelters, huts, cubbyholes and outhouses to stake out in!

H&B Obstacle
4 men taking part in the corporate Hell & Back Obstacle Challenge, with three on top of the final wall pulling a team mate up the wall.

Hell & Back Obstacle Challenge


Let’s get physical! Under the guidance of your instructor, your team will be taken on a unique and fun adventure around the H&B course; an activity unlike anything else in the corporate team-building market!


Everyone must work together to go over, under, around and through over 60 obstacles from HELL & BACK and 'Ireland’s Fittest Family' TV show; including Heartbreak Ridge, Satan’s Pit, Devil’s Creek, and finishing on the world-renowned Halfpipe Ramp for a unique team photograph!


Teamwork is essential in this challenge, so everyone should work together and encourage each other to get through all the mental, physical and team-building challenges on this one-of-a-kind obstacle course!

7 men taking part in the corporate Survival Package at Alive Outside.



1. Are these packages suitable for all employees?

Package #1 (Survival) is suitable for all fitness levels and abilities, while Package #2 (H&B) requires a bit more fitness as you will be covering a distance of 5-7KM with your team over the 2-2.5 hour duration.


2. Is a deposit required?

Yes - a deposit covering 10 participants is required to secure the date. We provide a weblink to pay the deposit by credit card with the balance then due 48 hours beforehand when final numbers are confirmed.


3. Is parking available?

Yes – free parking is available for everyone though we do encourage people to car pool where possible.


4. Is food provided?

No - but if required, we can put you in touch with one of our partner food providers, who can create a menu that suits your taste and budget! 

For more info, check out our corporate brochure here.

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