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School Tour FAQs


How do I make a School Tour booking?

If your school is not yet booked in, enter your details on the relevant page below and we will be in touch over the coming days with a proposal.


How do I pay for the School Tour?

Based on your final participant numbers, we’ll send the invoice to your school after the trip for you to pay by bank transfer. 

What should I do if my student numbers change?

  • If there are 1-4 drop outs, don’t worry – we fully understand that there will often be a few no shows, due to illness etc, so you don’t need to do anything…just let us know the total number when you arrive at the Adventure Centre.

  • If there are 5 or more pull outs, please arrange a time to speak with our Activities Manager Keagan to allow us have the appropriate instructor to student ratios on the day. Click here to arrange a book a time slot to speak with Keagan.


When will I get my Activity Schedule?

We will send you your Welcome Email, including the Activity Schedule, at least 7 days before your School Tour.

Who should I contact if I have an issue?

Our work hours may be different to yours so, if you’d like to speak with us about your upcoming School Tour, simply click here to book a time slot to speak with our Activities Manager Keagan.

How do I get to the Alive Outside Adventure Centre?

Click here for a Google Maps link to our main entrance.

What time should we arrive for the School Tour?

Your school should arrive at the entrance to the Alive Outside Adventure Centre 15 minutes before your allocated start time. Please arrive on time because, for Health & Safety reasons, we unfortunately will not be able to extend the tour past the agreed finish time.

Will the group stay together or be divided up?

To be as inclusive as possible and allow everyone participate to their fullest potential, we will divide the students into smaller pods when they arrive, depending on your chosen activity package. We’d really appreciate your input in who to keep together and who to keep apart!

What about the weather?

The beauty about our activities is that they can proceed in all seasons of Irish weather, whether rain or sunshine! We recommend you keep an eye on the Met Eireann forecast for Bray and dress appropriately.

What is the cancellation policy?

As mentioned above, the activities at our Adventure Centre are specifically designed to go ahead in all types of Irish weather – but if there is a requirement to cancel the School Tour, we will be contact you immediately to confirm. Similarly, if you are unable to travel to the Adventure Centre, you must inform us as soon as possible in writing via and we will try, date permitting, to reschedule your School Tour for another day.

Does every student need to bring a signed Consent Form?

Yes. For Health & Safety reasons, all students must bring a Consent Form (click here), signed by their parent or guardian with them to Killruddery to allow them participate in the activities. You should have received a paper consent form with your initial booking but, if your school would prefer a digital consent form, please book a time slot to speak with Keagan by clicking here.

What should students wear?

We recommend that everyone comes wearing a tracksuit or sports kit - no jeans or good clothes. As they will be outdoors all day where it may be cold and wet, we also recommend that the students wear a base layer (eg Under Armour) under their tops etc to keep warm. Unless it is raining, they should not get too wet but, just in case, we recommend a change of clothes and shoes, especially to get back onto the bus afterwards.

What should students pack?

  • Backpack

  • Snacks / Packed Lunch

  • Plenty of water

  • Change of clothes

  • Change of shoes

  • Light rain jacket

  • Towel


Are your activities accessible?

Yes. At Alive Outside, we’re working very hard to make sure we provide activities that are suitable for everyone. We want every student that visits our Adventure Centre to have the same opportunity to participate to the best of their ability and desire, and so we are working with Hannah Bryson, an Accessibility Consultant, to improve our School Tour packages and make them even more inclusive.

We also know that not every pupil will want to take part in a mainstream activity with the rest of their class. So, to involve those who may be less physical or sporty, we can provide fully inclusive activities that cater for all.

For students with mobility issues, we’d like to invite a teacher or family member who understands the student’s capabilities to visit the Adventure Centre for a site recce, where we will give them a tour of the facilities allowing them make a decision on whether an alternative activity like Archery will be suitable for the student.

What should students eat before they arrive?

Please make sure all students have a hearty breakfast before they arrive as they will need the energy for their School Tour adventure – both getting to each activity zone and then to complete the obstacles and challenges that await.

Is there Bus Parking?

Yes. The bus can drop the students at the Adventure Centre entrance and park up for the day – or return to the same location after the School Tour ends to collect everyone.

How many teachers are required per School Tour?

This is completely up to you! From our point of view, once the students cross the bridge into the Adventure Centre, our instructors take over and the teachers who travelled with the School Tour can get involved as much or as little as they like! Some teachers go up to Killruddery's Farm Yard for a coffee, while others stay around helping with the students…our only requirement is that one teacher is “on call” via mobile in case of an emergency.

Are SNAs allowed attend?

Yes absolutely! We are very happy to welcome SNAs, as well as teachers, to the Adventure Centre, especially if there are students with additional needs taking part who may need assistance or encouragement. 

Does a teacher need to remain with the School Tour for the day?

No although we ask that at least one teacher onsite with the School Tour makes themselves available via mobile in case there are any disciplinary or emergency issues. Apart from that, teachers are free to make the short 2-minute walk from the Adventure Centre entrance to Killruddery Farm Yard, which is open seven days a week and home to the Coffee Shop, Pizza Shed, The Grain Store and Farm Shop.

Are the instructors qualified and vetted?

At Alive Outside, we strive to put the safety of our staff and customers at the forefront of everything we do, especially children attending as part of a School Tour.

From a child safeguarding perspective, all our instructors are Garda-vetted and reference checked, while they are also given expert training in specific outdoor activities before they start working with us.

What are the instructor to student ratios?

For National Schools, there is a minimum ratio of 1 instructor to 16 students, while for Secondary Schools and teenagers, we run off a minimum ratio of 1 instructor to 20 students.

Is there a place to have lunch?

Yes. All our School Tour packages include 30 minutes in a unique parachute-covered woodland picnic area where students can eat their packed lunch and chat about the day’s activities etc. There is also the option to get a packed lunch delivered.

Are there changing rooms?

Yes – but please be aware that you are coming to a working farm so don’t expect luxury! We have basic changing facilities for males and females – plus, in case of rain, hooks to hang your bag so it is off the ground.

Are there showers?

While there is cold running water, there are no showers. In case they get wet or dirty, students should bring a change of clothes and shoes with them to wear afterwards when getting on the bus.

Will there be official photographs?

We hope to post a group photo from your School Tour on our Instagram page for you to like and share.

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